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Vossloh delivers locomotive to Norwegian mining company Sydvaranger Gruve

03-16-2010 18:47

German manufacturer Vossloh Locomotives has delivered a diesel-hydraulic locomotive to Norwegian mining company Sydvaranger Gruve. The locomotive will run on standard gauge on the line linking an iron mine of the company and the port of  Kirkenes, in Northern Norway.
The G1000BB locomotive has an 8V 4000 R41L engine manufactured by the German company MTU and developing a 1.1 MW power. The locomotive is capable to run at extreme temperatures varying between -25 and 35 degrees Celsius. The latest generation equipments include speed stops which automatically reduce the speed from 100 km/h (maximum speed) to 45 km/h or electronically controlled snow remover.
Sydvaranger Gruve will operate 20 trains per day on an 8-km long line between the port of  Kirkenes and an iron extraction mine in the same region, recently reopened.

Source: www.railway-technology.com

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A unique signalling system for Europe

04-09-2010 13:27

A unique signalling system for Europe

“The long way towards an interoperable railway system”

In the beginning of the '90s, the European railway industry with support from the EU institutions engaged in creating a common railway signalling system. Over time, ETMS emerged as one of the most successful European industrial projects and is now on its way to making railway transport one of the most competitive transport modes.

Although railway transport is, by far, the safest, fastest and lowest CO2-emission mode of transport, it is, however, confronted with one of the most striving problems, that of cross-border traffic which is complex and difficult to manage and most of the times affects the competitiveness of this means of transport. Cross-border traffic is doubled by the differences of gauge, electrification systems, administrative procedures, that make interoperability difficult and increase operation costs.

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